Holiday Greeting - New Year's Day

December 29, 2016

Holiday Greeting - The Way You Eat in 2017

What can we expect in the New Year? If international food consultancy Baum + Whiteman is correct, we may find ourselves embracing new food trends including:1

• Restaurants without seats. We may see an upsurge in commercial kitchens staffed by professional chefs that offer delivery only, making restaurant-quality meals available in your home. Home cooks may also deliver.

• Seats without restaurants. The sharing economy may expand into food as home cooks open their dining rooms to folks looking for a hot meal. Reservations usually required.

• A vegetable revolution. Apparently, comfort food is being redefined. The word "veggies" was used in comfort food searches 336 percent more often last year, while searches for lasagna and macaroni decreased by 69 percent and 55 percent, respectively.

• Extreme ice cream. Freestyle milkshakes started in Australia and have arrived on the shores of the United States. A ‘freakshake’ is a regular milkshake first topped with ice cream, sauce, and whipped cream, then piled high with cake, cookies, candies, and other goodies until the structure threatens to topple.

If you’ve experienced any new trends in your life – babies, marriage, divorce, career change, inheritance, or another big event – let us know. Life changes often affect financial plans, and we want to make sure you stay on track to meet your long-term financial goals.

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